Every woman is born with a special and unique ability; which is the privilege to create and nurture. The truth is, the physical world only represents the reality of the spiritual world – it is a manifestation of the spiritual realm. In that regard, as a woman waits nine months for life to form and grow within her, so will she wait patiently to allow growth within and around herself. A young girl playing with dolls and playing dress-up has already stepped into her beautiful future, of nurturing and beautifying her surroundings. Women are considered physically weak yet men call their counterparts ‘women’ as a derogatory and demeaning term. Truth is, it is in a woman’s “physical weakness” that their spiritual strength comes alive.


I was born a woman. I was born a life-giver not only in the physical but also through my words and actions. I have the physical attributes that categorize me as a woman in the human race. I occupy a body in which mankind will unmistakeably classify as female. Yet I believe I have not entirely grasped what it is to be ‘woman’. Twenty four years of existing as a female on this planet have not availed me the entirety of womanhood. It is a beautiful journey of unwinding the thorns and smelling the roses as I grow into who I was created to be.

Here is being ‘woman’ in my own eyes…

A woman, without any alteration, is the embodiment of true beauty, perseverance, and life.


As a girl, she grows up in the love of her father and will always remain to be His darling daughter. As a young lady who is ready for marriage, she rests secure and content in Her father’s love. She is not tossed to and fro by people’s opinion of her but is moved by the opinion of her king. She does not dress inappropriately to draw the wrong kind of men, nor does she settle for a relationship in which she has to compromise her values for material gain.

Her source, her wealth, her purpose, her strength, is God.

Growing up, my father always told me that the only difference between men and women is the fact that boys grow up to be fathers, and girls grow up to be mothers. I never quite understood that statement, until recently. It means that contrary to the feministic notion that what a man can do, a woman can do better…a good woman knows that all men and women can do all things. She is not bound by the old-time societal belief that the place of the woman is the kitchen, but she finds joy and pleasure in cooking for her husband and children to honour her God. She is the embodiment of the Proverbs 31 woman who is hard working in all she does.

A woman knows that she is a delicate flower that blossoms and thrives in all facets. She is secure in her identity and does not thrive on feministic views to equalize herself to her male counterpart. She can do all things through Christ who strengthens her(Phil 4:13) and not to prove a point. She knows who she is and whose she is.

A true woman knows that her beauty is not just defined by her physical attributes, but by her heart and mind. She is not one to step on other people in order to get ahead. She builds and edifies the people present in her life.

She is a gentle soul; oozing and spreading love to change the world around her. Her still small voice replicates the endearing words of comfort and love her Master shows her. Her whisper quiets aching hearts, awakening them to the love and knowledge of God.

Most importantly, her identity is in Christ. She knows that she was not just made for her Adam, but she was made to be an object of God’s love. She burns with passion for her Lover and His love consumes her entirely. She is yielded and ready to be used and moulded into God’s perfect vessel of honor. Her heart belongs to her lover; her body is her Lover’s dwelling and her Master’s heart beats for her. Every day she grows confident because of the love she frequently encounters and experiences.


That, in my eyes, is the true woman.


Shout out to the amazing women who know who they truly are. Special thanks to Anne Waithera and Barbara Wangui who graced this post with their beauty. You are both perfect descriptions of this post.

Photography: Riki Gathariki

Studio: Metz Photolab

Make up: Anne Waithera


With Love,



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