This is why you are still single…

Forget about all that society has told you! That you are too ugly, too dark, too light, too skinny, too fat, too short, too tall, too picky, too old and any other objective term that has been thrown at you. The world always wants us to conform to a certain standard that seems ‘normal’ or ‘acceptable’. Don’t even get me started on the impossible beauty standards constantly shoved at us through social media and reality shows! It seems that getting a partner requires you to alter a certain feature or trait so that you can fit into the criteria of a ‘perfect girlfriend’. The thoughts of feeling inadequate kicks in; loneliness creeps into your life. It’s an unending battle of questioning your worth and wondering whether anyone could ever love you!

As you long for the love of a man; God is longing for your love. As you cry yourself to sleep every night because you are ‘alone’, God just can’t wait to love you. You see, when you decide to surrender your life and give your all to God, you give him your heart as well; which is the best decision you could ever make! The best part is, when God has your heart, he has your future, your will, your desires, your pain, your sorrows… He has all of you! And He wants it that way. 🙂 The passionate and burning love that God has for you can never be put out. But the love and fire that you have for God can be put out in a relationship that He never intended for you.

God is keeping you safe in this season of singlehood because he treasures all that is in in your heart. He jealously works on your heart, ensuring all that is not right is totally wiped out and you are restored. Once your heart is restored and is right with Him, God cannot just give it to any man who comes your way. God knows your worth, and therefore, He has to ensure that the man He has set aside for you knows your worth too. God is working on your future husband’s heart as He works on yours. It is a beautiful pruning season for both of you before God opens up His eyes to the inner and outer beauty you possess. Your heart and all of you are so precious that only a man God has prepared can have the right, honor, and privilege to have you. This man God has for you has to earn God’s approval before God can give him the gift that is you!

It’s a beautiful affair! It is a process that could take a day, months or years in our time, but to God, it is not a process at all. God never ever conforms to our time, our world patterns or worldly expectations. He has already planned out every single step of our lives. Tears and wailing out of desperation can never compel him to adjust to what we want; He knows exactly what we need. So, instead of pursuing any man who suggests that he is a Christian, pursue God in this time that you are free from distractions and responsibilities that come with marriage. It is the season where you can get completely lost in God’s presence through spending time with Him in prayer, worship and reading His word. This is what God wants and expects from you at the moment. Therefore, when your future husband finds you, he will not be a replacement for your deep relationship with God. He will only join the journey that you already began!

Hence, find rest in the assurance that you are not forgotten or sidelined. If anything, you are among the chosen ones who get to spend a longer time basking in God’s presence while you are still single. I will allude to this common phrase used everywhere, that your Adam is still sleeping. Allow me to add another angle to this beautiful story! Did you know that Adam did not even know he needed Eve? It is God who knew that because we serve an Omniscient and Mighty God.

Genesis 2:18

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Eve did not even know that she would be created to be by Adam’s side. But God knew! Their destinies were already intertwined before their existence. God knew the exact time in which he would present Eve to Adam, it was the best time, the perfect time, the most opportune time. Adam rested, Eve was oblivious; and God was in control! I pray you receive the revelation in this. Simply rest… Rest assured that it is not yet time, for the big reveal. But it sure is coming very soon. He will find you when you least expect it. His eyes will be opened when he is ready, when you are ready; when God says it’s time. Therefore, simply REST. You have not been forgotten.

Sending you lots of love…Stay joyful always!

Oh, one last important thing… by single, I mean unmarried 😉


With love,




16 responses to “This is why you are still single…”

  1. “By single I mean unmarried.” I like that!
    Thanks a lot Mumbua for sharing the wisdom of God to the world. I like what you are doing.
    I give God the glory for you.

    1 Corinthians 7:32 (NKJV)
    32 But I want you to be without care. He who is unmarried cares for the things of the Lord—how he may please the Lord.

    I choose to care for the things of the Lord.

  2. I like this ” Adam didn’t even know that he needed Eve.”

    God makes all things beautiful in there time. Just like we have seed, time and then harvest. In between seed and harvest there is time and that’s one thing that can really liberate us from anxiety and worry.
    The fact that our Father makes all things work for our good and that we get to enjoy the beauty in them in there rightful time.

    I mean who enjoys an unripe fruit?
    We commit ourselves and He works out the rest for us.

    Thank you for this wonderful piece. God bless you.

  3. “Did you know that Adam did not even know he needed Eve? It is God who knew that because we serve an Omniscient and Mighty God.” That is the most powerful phrase for me in that article. God knows best what we want. Better to have trust in Him. God bless you Mumbua.

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