Dear future husband

A godly woman’s letter to her godly future husband…

Greetings my love,

I know this will find you well. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sarah Mumbua Kimeu. One day i will be your Mrs. We probably know each other, or haven’t even met yet. But one day we will be united, and there are a couple of things I need you to know.

I have been praying for you, for us, for our future children, our future careers, where we will stay. Basically, I talk to God about everything concerning us. You see, my love, I used to long for the day that you would run after me holding that ‘glass slipper’ that I left behind… and that you would traverse the land just to find me, your rib, your better half. But now that I am older, my whole mentality about marriage has completely changed. It is just so much more than a Cinderella fantasy.

Honey, if there is one institution that is under attack, it’s MARRIAGE. We are living at a time where people jump in and out of marriage whenever they please with no regrets or guilt. I agree that some are completely justifiable. But most people have given up on fighting for their union and thus give The Devil the opportunity to ruin the first ever relationship that God established between human beings.  He knows that if he ruins that institution, he has ruined an entire generation. The core of every single family is the husband and wife’s union. If that is jeopardized, children are left with a twisted view of marriage and their perception of life is ruined. A generation is born looking for fathers and mothers in the wrong places. So why am I telling you about things that you probably already know? Well, I simply just need us to agree on something.

The moment we exchange vows, it’s going to be for a lifetime baby! Our decision to be one greatly affects our faith and the lives of our future children. God hates divorce! (Malachi 2:16) So why should we separate what God himself has put together? (Matthew 19:6) I do not want my future children to grow up with confusion and identity crisis yet we are well able to avoid the whole situation.

As we make the conscious decision to be one forever, we will also be signing ourselves up for the responsibility of providing for our future children physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s a noble task that many have taken for granted. But, I do not want to. Marriage is a call to battle, a spiritual war of course. A war that we shall keep winning on our knees. And there is simply no way we can win the fight against marital attacks without putting Christ at the centre of our marriage. I know we will have our differences, but be completely aware that The Devil will try to use them against us. He is good at causing chaos, but we shall not go down without a fight. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil. (Ephesians 6:13) We have got to pray!

One of the major causes of broken marriages is alcohol, drug and substance abuse. But do you know that wine is a mocker and beer a brawler? Whoever is led astray by them is not wise. It says so in Proverbs 20:1, not my words at all. Proverbs 23: 29-35: ‘Who has woe? Who has sorrow?…. Who has needless bruises? Who has bloodshot eyes? Those who linger over wine, who go to sample bowls of mixed wine. Do not gaze at wine… when it sparkles in the cup, when it goes down smoothly! In the end it bites like a snake, and poisons like a viper’. Honey, as King Lemuel’s mother told him in Proverbs 31: 4 fff, so I say to you;

It is not for kings… not for kings to drink wine, not for rulers to crave beer…. Give beer to those who are perishing, wine to those who are in anguish…

You are a king in my eyes, the ruler of my future household. May drunkenness never ever be your portion in Jesus’ name!

In a generation where sex is a ‘necessity’ in worldly relationships, can we just escape this vice? We are set apart from the world; we are the light and the salt of the earth. Let us become blameless and pure, children of God without fault in a crooked and depraved generation, in which we shine like stars in the universe. (Phil 2:14) Harsh words are used for any form of sexual impurity, Romans 1:24: ‘Therefore God gave them over in the sinful nature of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another’. May our courtship be that which pleases and honours God, reflecting holiness and purity in every aspect. The past does not mean anything, thanks to redemption. But our present and future shall continue to reflect God’s purpose in our lives.

Be aware of this chain; 1 Corinthians 11:3:

Now i want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

Honey, you need to completely yield and submit to God as the man of the house. There is a pecking order that we need to follow. And I pray every single day that your relationship with Him shall grow daily. That way I know Our Father shall bless our future home. We shall be examples for our future children. The same goes for me, and that is why I am growing my relationship with God on a daily basis not only for my benefit, but for our future as well. I will gladly submit to you, I will gladly be your helper. Ephesians 5:22 tells me that wives should submit to their husbands as to The Lord. When that time comes, I will put my best foot forward, so help me God!

Darling, as I write all these things to you, I am writing them to myself as well. I want to be more godly and submissive to Him. I keep asking God to fix me up and help me get rid of those things that don’t please him. I have my weaknesses, and I know you do to. But love covers a multitude of sins. May our love for each other and God conquer all. I will just be here praying for you daily. I will go on my knees every day for you. When I choose you, I will not only choose my future partner, but I will be choosing the father of my future children. I will not only be choosing the man I love, but I will be choosing the man that will love me and my future children. I am in the prayer chamber for you. I know you are praying for me as well, for us, and our future. I pray you grow stronger and wiser as a man. I am not asking for perfection, I am just asking for a man after God’s own heart. I am also working on being the best Proverbs 31 woman I can be. For God’s glory, but for your benefit and that of our future children.

I look forward to being your wife. To being the mother of your children. To do this thing called life with you. To travel the world, to raise up our children in Christ. To fellowship with other believers and even witness each other’s growth. I love goofing around, so I hope you are not too uptight. I love laughing, and watching movies and series till late in the night with coffee and popcorn in hand. Can we do all this and so much more?

Honey I think about you, and I am praying for you and our future children. I look forward to changing my last name to yours. Until God officially unites us, I will just be waiting for you.

With lots of love,


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  1. A good one piece!. I however think lack of love by man and lack of respect and submission from women is leading to many broken marriages. I like that you included the idea that you also need God to work on yourself.I have realized that ladies concentrate on what they want their suitors and husbands to be and do not tell us how they are preparing to submit to that man- I see it as selfishness. It is not like God need to work on the man more than he has to on man, but that man and woman equally need grace. Its good to pray for your future husband and or wife

    • I agree that many husbands and wives think selfishly. In order for both husband and wife to work together they need to become SELFLESS…each thinking about the other person instead of themselves.
      Each person in their role (husband/wife) is not more important than the other. Both have guidelines as we see mentioned in the Bible.

      Please take a look at my blog:

  2. nice piece learnt alot from it ….being the man God needs and has predestined for the future to come ….be blessed Sarah

  3. Wow…. very few ladies can write such a deep message like this…. you have taught me something out of this message and i totally love the message. Am super sure if you remain faithful to God He will surely be faithful to you….

  4. Lovely piece I love every bit of it. May God help us in the season of single hood and I will pray for the institution of marriage that marriages will last….Baraka tele!!

  5. The effects of broken marriages like identity crisis ,confusion are real and affects us yet ignored .Its even more powerful to even hear it from a lady .This piece is awesome .

  6. Greetings my love, I am here. I have read all these. This is profound and it resonates very well with me. I have also been praying for you. Am happy to see that God has been molding you just as He has been molding me. My prayer is that the Lord may give us the grace we need to overcome the sinful nature of our being, to be reverent in behaviour and to walk in obedience to His word -” Thy word have I hidden in my heart, that I may not sin against thee – Psalms 119″

  7. The return of humanity that has vanished in our lives. How i wish this sinks in our youths and they live to it. Well said Mumbua

  8. Wow so great, may God grant u the desire of ure heart. May u receive it in Jesus name. U r a Esther of today i’d love that we have so many Esthers. Marriage is made in heaven en ordained by God. U wil get a godly man en God wil bless the fruit of ure womb. Receive the blessing in Jesus name

  9. This piece has me going ..”My thoughts exactly”… Sweetie..word for word….I could hug you right now!
    May God through Jesus Christ bless you with your better half…and me too!

    Blessings Abound

  10. I absolutely love this, the world is compromising God’s teachings slowly; I pray that God will inspire you more to bring sanity i our relationships….I love it gal

  11. Wao! This is deep. Ooh dear, ypu have spoken wisely. A divinely authored letter this is. May our good Lord grand your desire.

    Will keep following this blog.

    You re blessed.

  12. Message well delivered Mumbua. Actually, those are the things i have been doing lately. Praying for my future wife, my family, my children. I also pray to God to be the best husband ever.
    Its such an awesome article. God bless you

  13. Wow! This is great. So enriching. Every word, article and punctuation is well used. I am inspired by your article. Indeed out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. God bless you. Its well with you in Jesus name. Another one please

  14. Beautiful words i loved the referencing to the scripture..what you wrote is amazing may the lord fulfill you heart desires.

  15. Well, i am suprised you do write too. I thank God for the wisdom He gives you to come up with such revelation about Godly Lives. I will make it my prayer as well for my Future wife and kids. Be that Man the Bible tells me to be. Could you be emailing me your new blogs pleeasee.
    Btw sarah we miss you at Ratc.

  16. Dear Future Wife,

    Now that I know you are on the way, here are a few things you need to know:

    First of all I am praying for you, and I will continue to, till eternity.

    Find God, Find Yourself then I will come find you or you find me.

    You don’t have to win miss world beauty pageant to be beautiful. I just need a God fearing woman. That’s what I find beautiful.

    You don’t have to be the current miss world I mentioned that, a kind heart is more than enough for me.

    I don’t need you to do my laundry, I can do that on my own, or we can get a machine, since you will be a career woman without the time to do such menial tasks.

    I want to fall in love with you from the moment I see you.

    I want to see in you every hope, every desire and every dream I have ever had of my soul mate.

    I want to fall in love with everything about you from how you smile to how you blush when I look you in the eyes.

    I want to go on long drives and long rides with you and just spend hours talking endlessly.

    I want to cook for you, rub your feet, comb your hair and pamper you like a lovely princess.

    I want to write poems and love letters to you; put my musk cologne on them and send them to you. I want to share all my dreams and fantasies with you and promise to stand right next to you during good and bad days.

    I want to grow old with you so that we can tell our love story to our grandchildren.

    I want us to be spiritually and emotionally connected to each other’s souls till eternity and beyond.

    I am living this dream and praying to meet you. I know God is preparing you for me.

    Wait, before we get to all these dreams and fantasies I need you to ponder over these questions and sentiments very, very seriously.

    Allow God to deal with your heart, you will begin to see what God needs from you. (Being fully submitted to your husband as the Lord would want you to be)

    Will you be patient with me and will you truly support me like the Lord would have me support you?

    Or will you be secretly holding resentment and offenses against me?

    Are you lacking in patience, are you lacking understanding, are you lacking in forbearance?

    Do you know the Word says when your husband finds you he will find a good thing and you will bring favor?

    Then why would you want to be the source of your husband’s headache and stress?

    Will you be so toxic that you will turn your prayerful husband into a prayerless one?

    Will you make him regret marrying you because you will bring more complications than he had before marrying you?

    Many of your friends and mentors will advise you to marry your husband primarily because of his relationship with God, why then would you destroy his relationship with God instead of celebrating and nurturing it?

    Why would you be a burden to your husband emotionally, spiritually, socially, sexually and financially instead of being one who brings favor?
    When your future husband prays, will it largely to cry to God because of the hurt you bring?

    Will it be to plead with God to change you from the monster you will have become?

    Will it be to plead for grace to deal with how difficult you will be? Or is to give thanks for you?

    Future wife, you need to understand that being a wife IS A HIGH CALLING.

    Forget how the world defines being a wife as looking hot, dropping it like its hot and remaining as age defying as you can possibly be!

    Being a wife is no joke! The only two people called HELPERS in the bible are A WIFE AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.

    And what does the Holy Spirit do? He comforts, he teaches, he guides, convicts and instructs with such gentleness etc.

    You are only a good wife by Gods standard not by anyone’s not even your future husbands. You can never be a great wife in your own strength. You have to lean on the Holy Spirit to help you to be a GODLY WIFE. Everyone can be a wife but not everyone is a godly wife.

    Are you truly walking in humility?

    Or are you quietly resentful and angry about one thing or another; are you envious or jealous of other people’s husbands?

    Will you secretly be comparing your husband with other men?

    Are you insecure and scared? Where do you get your standards from, Society, Culture, Religion or God himself?
    Granted that all marriages go through challenges including ours when the time comes; but when the trumpet sounds and you stand before the FATHER, will you account for your role as WIFE?

    So the next time you see those shiny rings on anyone’s fourth finger, next time one of your girlfriends gets engaged be reminded that rings are not just cute, (I am already shopping for yours) they are a SYMBOL, A SYMBOL OF A VERY HIGH CALLING! THAT OF BEING A WIFE, A GODLY WIFE!

    So future wife I am and always will pray for you:

    Dear Lord,

    Create in her a clean heart towards me, her future husband; remove all areas of pride, resentment, anger and unforgiveness. Deal with frustration, disappointments and regret. Lord heal any past, present and future hurt and help her be the wife you want her to be. Search her OH Lord and know her heart, and make her life pleasing to you in public and in private In JESUS NAME. Amen and Amen.

    Your future husband,
    Tonnie Keith.

  17. Hi its a very nice letter my God grand you the desire of your heart but one piece of advise alcohol does not really break marriage like you have said but the root cause is when you don’t understand your partner and to support him of her that is where problems do starts these days its money

  18. Amazing! Marriage~husband wife relationship is a model of Church Christ relationship. Christ is the head of the Church, so is the man supposed to be the head of the woman. Now, picture how many times we break Christ’s commands and His patience to us. He is longsuffering, wanting all of us to conform to His likeness. Similarly, this should model our marriage…we should be willing to sacrifice, knowing that it’s not gonna be easy, just as Christ loves a disobedient church.

  19. This is awesome Mumbua .I should actually call you my sister because you share the same name with my sister .May God give you your heart desires even as you continue serving him. To those who are faithful, He is faithful. He will give you a man after His own heart and who is obedient to His word .

  20. Wow! A great piece full of wisdom and the best advice a born again again lady can give. Kudos for such a good writing and may you always cling on to this God because through him all good things can never be scarce, and at his own appointed time he’ll give you the best from his own fold; one whom he has tendered with care and allowed his grace to make him flourish in the land of the living.

  21. This is indeed a beautiful and lovely prayer. Even for I who strives to be an Ephesians 5 Man for my future Proverbs 31 woman, I do feel hopeful that there is a future for godly families despite the dire brokenness and darkness of this world. Faith without action is dead, James says. The faith of womankind merged with the Action of mankind indeed brings us closer to the Father of Lights. And Matrimony, Holy and Undefiled, indeed is a foretaste of Heaven. Indeed he who finds a wife, a prayerful and faithful one for that matter, finds a good thing. I am blessed that there are sisters who will pray for us even before we meet. And even as Eleazar prayed for the future wife of his master’s son, Isaac, I too shall pray for you, my future bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh.

  22. Thanks for helping me pray along.A man after God’s own heart.. is a line I adore.You simply great en blessed and May God fulfill your desires.Amen Amen

  23. For sure mumbua am blessed. If all that are in marriages n them that are intending to marry kept heed to your fruitful words,then we would never ever hear of divorces.May God continue using you as a vessel n grant your desire .wish you Gods blessings.

  24. A great inspiring message, it has taught me a lot and thanks for speaking to my heart. May God grant the desires of our heart and grant us the Boaz of our lives..Waiting for another piece….

  25. A great inspiring message. Thank you for speaking to my heart. May God grant the desires of our heart and grant us the Boaz to our lives..waiting for another piece.. Be Blessed as you continue reaching out to many.

  26. That was a good staff, focused, enriching spiritually and encouraging. It’s good to pray and invest for our future husband or wife through prayer which is our foundation for strong marriage.

  27. Good article Mumbua, but to be honest kama umefika 28 na bado you despised men during your prime time (23-26), the age most girls are approached but tend to ignore men, ole wako. Not unless you have a man you already have a very strong relationship with nakuhurumia saa hii. This is the same thing I hear from all women who decide to concentrate on their careers and waiting for the perfect man before they realize time is not on their side because most of the men, between 27-32 (at most) will be tried chasing wind and will opt settling down with a more serious lady who are ready long-term commitment and marriage relationship. This is an experience I have passed myself where I lady despised me during my campus days. Now she is 27 and she had that I just married and God willing she realized there is no such facet as Cinderella fantasy/love. Funny enough she is a ‘Christian.’ But I can’t go back to her since that would amount to fornication. She is all over disturbing me now. Anyway, I hope Mumbua you have one and is ready to respect that man even if he may seem down now or even if you earn much than him. My advice to you seen I am now in marriage institution, the very Bible commands wives to ‘respect’ men and in return husbands will reciprocate the kind gesture with ‘immense and true love.’ Indeed, this is a phrase even majority of so called born-again ladies do not want to admit. Kindly not, the moment you disrespect man because you may think you are ‘eqaul,’ even if he may not directly confess to you, that is the very moment his heart will stop loving you and eye move out to search for another woman who will respect him and in return love her in totality. Anyway, many thanks for the article as it will act as an eye opener to major potential and future wives that Cinderella fantasy does not exist in the real life marriage situation. Bye George.

  28. In my words, our generation suffers from infidelity, mistrust and divorce because we focus so much on the wedding bit, than the marriage end of it. There is so much we as individuals need to learn especially on tbe endurance of friendship, commitment and love. Selfish desires, exaggerated expectations, and most of all, lack of knowledge of the word of God is crippling the institution. Keep in prayer and the word.
    2. “Be the image of the person you want to marry.” that’s what I follow as I wait for mine. Ensure that you have all the qualities you want to see in your future partner.
    I love your work and I hope to read more from you in the future. God bless you.

    • Thank you so much for your words Albert. I agree with every bit of it. May God help us to be more cautious of the people we shall end up marrying and even learn how to be marriageable. God bless!

  29. Sweetheart u are God sent. U opened up my eyes on things to pray for my future husband. I do pray and I caught up something I dont mention. I thank God for ur life and hope to read more and more from u. May Jehovah God keep u and bless u as teach and encourage us this way. Bless u Saara. Hoping to hear more from u. U are a darling.

    • Hallo Maria,

      Awww, such kind words. I am so blessed because of all these things you have written down. I truly appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it. You have blessed me so much, you have no idea. Abundant blessings upon you. You are a darling as well.

  30. Awesome. Am so happy to see that there are people that are committed to doing things the Godly way despite the prevailing worldly things. May the Lord meet the desires of your heart.

  31. This is sooo awesome…(Sounds very honest desire from your heart)
    Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4) Amen. I pray that it shall come to pass.

  32. Thank you Ms. Mumbua for the reminder that not all is lost and your prayers for your future husband. I’ve learnt some things that I intend to shape myself to be that ideal husband. G
    od bless you.

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