Have you ever had days where you are so fired up and excited about the things of God and long to encounter Him more deeply? Yet the very next day, you have no energy or motivation to read the Word of God or even pray? I confess this was my life, and I was completely comfortable with it. Growing up in the church can really make you feel like Christianity is being shoved down your throat and you have no choice but to swallow it whole. It is very easy to feel like you are tired of all the moral and legal voices surrounding you, thus a rebellious life becomes permissible. Christianity to me was always a place of behaving in a certain acceptable way that would please not only God, but my parents as well. It was always about my efforts and hard work to live a consecrated life at the expense of who I was as a person.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that a believer should not live a consecrated life. God has indeed called us to a life of consecration, being set apart and being holy as he is holy.

1 Peter 1:16 (KJV)

Because it is written, ‘You shall be holy, for I am holy’.

All the moral principles derived from the Bible should be our culture, our identity, and our purpose. I mean, if it is written in the Word, then it definitely governs our lives. If you have been involved in evangelism, I am sure you have come across individuals who feel that giving their lives to Christ and accepting Him as Lord and Savior is such a major hindrance. They cannot understand how they can live their lives without being involved in evil. In their view, giving their lives to Christ feels like they are getting into ‘bondage’ and they can’t live in ‘freedom’. But they are completely blinded and bound by the enemy who gives them this mentality. (I will write a post about this soon, I just realized I have a lot of things to say here).

But today’s post is about THE SECRET PLACE.

In my own definition and experience, the secret place is the space in which you the believer spends time with God in passionate moments of intimacy. Every believer knows that they need to read the Bible and pray every day so that they can grow. I am pretty sure we all sang a childhood song with this message but has it ever been something we do faithfully? On my 25th birthday which was almost a month ago, I went on my knees and told God that I was tired of on and off days in my relationship with Him. I told Him that I was tired of living a mediocre Christian life, which quite frankly, is the reality of many believers today. I prayed for the gift of an extreme passion and hunger for Him, and a desire to go deeper than ever. His gift for me on my birthday was HIM. No more high and low days. No more rebellion. No more confusion. Just HIM.

God answered my prayer, because I am on a different level this year. I thought I had grown in my walk with God, but there is a higher level I am currently experiencing. I know it probably sounds like I have it all figured out and I am the most spiritual person right now. Haha! It could even sound like I am bragging, perhaps, but I feel like I have not even scratched the surface of encountering him. THERE IS ALWAYS A HIGHER LEVEL, and I know I will be growing and going deeper my entire life. This reality is not forced upon you, it is from one’s own personal conviction, desire and taking action. I no longer feel forced to live for Christ, I want and desire it with all my heart. You need to know that it is not just for specific people, it is for EVERY BELIEVER.

So what do you do in the secret place?

1 COMMUNE: It is beyond just reading your Bible and praying. Go a step further! Read your Bible and take breaks after reading verses that stand out for you. Be still and wait for the Holy Spirit to give insight about that particular portion. Ponder on it, write notes even. It doesn’t just end there. Spend your day looking through those verses and thinking about them even at night.

Psalm 1:1-2: Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, 2 but whose delight is in the law of the Lord and who meditates on his law day and night.

(Side thought: When you enter into a new relationship, it is common to go over the chats or conversations you’ve had just to think and ponder on what the person is saying. Let’s just be real here! Haha! It does make you feel good, right? Thinking and meditating on God’s word is just on another higher and incomparable level).

2. WORSHIP: Worship is so liberating! God loves to be worshipped and is pleased with our sacrifice of praise. Our worship is a sweet-smelling aroma in his presence. It is not limited to singing by the way, sing, dance, think about him and acknowledge his magnificence. Is he a God obsessed with himself that he just loves to be worshipped? Absolutely not! He loves our worship because in worshipping Him, he becomes the OBJECT OF OUR AFFECTION. Not a relationship, marriage, family, friends, job etc. He is the focus, not the things that he has provided and blessed us with, just HIM.

3. PRAY: We tend to pray with the wrong mentality and intention. Our main purpose in prayer has become to ask God for things. Indeed, Jesus has told us to ask for anything and it shall be granted. But this should never be the main intention.

John 14:13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the son.

A preacher came to my high school some years back and told us that many have turned GOD into a DOG because we only go to prayer telling him to fetch our dreams, ambitions, passions and every other thing we may desire. Prayer is TALKING and LISTENING to God. God does speak, but are we quiet and sensitive enough to hear Him?


Why spend time in the secret place?

  1. Your priorities are re-arranged

As mentioned earlier, people often spend time with God only because they want to get what God had promised them. But the secret place is where God re-orders our thoughts to think and focus on him. He matters more, and all the other things follow not because we are seeking them, but because we are seeking God.

Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

  1. Healing and love

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the secret place would be the source of healing for me! Jesus is a heart-healer! In the secret place, you become so vulnerable and open as you talk to God about the pain and struggles you may be going through. He wants us happy and thriving. It is in the secret place that I am experiencing healing and love. God has a lot of immeasurable love to pour out, and it is in the secret place that we become open to receive his love, as he reminds us of our value, identity, and purpose in him. It is a place of total surrender, a concept that I have come to see this year.

  1. His will becomes your will.

In the secret place, his desires become your desires. We all have different goals that we have set in life. If you are a believer and a true follower of Jesus, you begin to see a huge connection between the desires and gifts he has placed within you and your purpose in life. In the secret place, the path God wants you to take in life becomes clearer. You find peace in the choices you make because you have received clarity on God’s endorsement. Have you received a word for your life, or even have a personal conviction of your path in life? Pray about it in the secret place. Pray it into existence as God aligns your heart to His. You will even begin to see His will for your family, church, nation, school, and organization and pray that into existence as well.


I could go on and on, but if you have made it to this part, I can tell that you are really hungry for God. I cannot even emphasize how EXTREMELY IMPORTANT it is for everyone to spend time with God in the secret place. The secret place is a place of protection. When we are in the secret place, our thoughts, emotions, opinions, and choices align and bow down to the name of Jesus. It is easy to live a life of holiness because He has captivated you with who He is in the secret place. You behold His goodness and faithfulness. Worldly and fleshly desires die in the secret place and you take up His desires, His will, and His passions. Looking back at my life, I fell into sin and made wrong decisions whenever I did not have an active secret place lifestyle. FOR YOU TO THRIVE AS A BELIEVER, YOUR SECRET PLACE LIFESTYLE HAS TO BE CONSTANT AND CONSISTENT. I encourage you to reflect on your life, how is your secret place lifestyle?


May God continue revealing more of Himself to you. You are so loved!


With love,


13 responses to “THE SECRET PLACE”

  1. Thanks so much for this inspiration Mumbua. I have just found a renewed purpose in my life. #theSECRETplace may His grace help me to be constant and consistent.

    Be blessed.

  2. At such a Time like this The Lord has called you Out to speak life to this generation!
    This has really touched my spirit…developing an intimate relationship with God is the way to live right with Him!
    You are a blessing😍This is a master piece From Heaven!!💯❤️

  3. Secret place is supposed to be lifestyle hehe..not a place you visit!!!
    Personally, Its from the secret place that i have cultivated my consciousness of His presence and that keeps me in constant communication with Him. Its from there that i have Known Who I am esp when it comes to Identity / My Value as A Son of God & How much the father Loves me unconditionally.
    I enjoyed the reading.

  4. This is amazing! So refreshing to be reminded the importance of my secret place lifestyle! Thank you my babe!

    God bless you and more increase ad you walk in His glory and excellence!

  5. If it is in the word it should govern your life. I love your style of writing because of how you align the word of God in what you are trying to say by incorporating bible verses. I really connected with this!
    This is amazing!
    Great read!!

  6. If it is written in the Word it definitely govern your life. #WORD. Awesome read. I love how you choose to write by incorporating bible verses! I really connected with this!

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