As you cross over…

 While to some 2017 has been a year of tough blows and hard choices, to others it has been a year of silencing negative voices.

As the year began, you may have been in a hopeless state, but such is not your fate!

A little falling here, and a little wailing there; but the faithfulness of God surrounds you everywhere.

As you bid 2017 so long, goodbye or farewell; here are a few things I have to tell;

You may think that this year has been difficult and long, but this is your time to finish strong!

Every passing year is the end of a limited 365-day and night season, the next year presents an opportunity for fresh purpose and reason!

While every passing day, week, month and year will eventually leave us lifeless, we ought to know that we serve a Mighty God who is timeless.

So every single second counts; every single minute matters.

In making the most of your time to ensure that nothing in your life shatters.

So care for everyone selflessly!

Love your spouse or partner passionately!

Make your decisions wisely!

Work hard tirelessly!

Rest consistently!

And most importantly, love and serve God wholeheartedly!

Every single day is a chance to learn and grow, and your Bible and prayer time is your ‘pick me up’ when you are low.


I wish you a wonderful new year full of God’s love and favor as you enter your new season.



With love,

Mumbua 🙂


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