Ain’t nobody got time for that Adonijah Spirit!

Happy New Month folks!!! đŸ™‚ đŸ™‚

I know it has been light years, haha! Since my last post. But I am back now, more than ever! This post has been in the oven for a while now, I just wanted it to be fully baked before I could share the sweetness with you. It is a topic that has been gnawing at my spirit for a while, and it’s probably why I took such a long time to write about it. I probably need the post much more than you do, but well… it’s a win-win situation. So Holy Spirit, just take over and minister to those you want to hear this message.

So lemme tell you about this guy Adonijah, when you can, read about his story in the book of 1 Kings 1:5-2:25. Adonijah was one of King David’s sons (trust me, he had quite a lot). And he was King Solomon’s elder brother. That Adonijah spirit I am telling you about is that kind of spirit that is never content. The spirit of a destiny stealer. You see, when David was well advanced in years, Adonijah, who was older than Solomon, was rightly placed to take over the throne after Kind David. And while David was still alive, Adonijah decided to organize his own ‘coronation ceremony’ where he would declare his status as King.

Adonijah, according to 1 Kings 1:5, put himself forward and said, “I will be king”. I can just picture him waking up one morning, yawning and stretching and all that while claiming, “I will be king”. We all know those declarations we have made about ourselves. Don’t get me wrong now, it is totally different from ‘self-positive’ talk. His declaration clearly shows how sinister he was as you will see shortly.

I am telling you this guy never wasted a minute! He gathered chariots, with 50 horses ahead of him- Kinda like a campaign team. Those people who were just ready to support his false declarations. And I am sure he had the perfect charisma and physical looks for it, that’s what my Bible says. He was so influential! Perfect guy for the job, right? So he sacrifices sheep, cattle, fattened calves and calls his brothers and some priests. However, and what is clearly sinister about him is that, he leaves out SOLOMON and PROPHET NATHAN among some of King David’s other supporters. But why? See what I mean? He knew that what he was doing was completely wrong. He must have known that it wasn’t meant for him, and that is why he tried so hard to take it by force. These people who supported him at that time are similar to people today who make us follow destinies that are not initially intended for us. Beware of such people!

However, Prophet Nathan went ahead to tell Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother, to go to the king and claim what was rightfully her son’s. And any mother would definitely be willing to go any length for the sake of her offspring. Bathsheba then goes to the King and reminds him of the promise that he had made to her, that Solomon would be king. Solomon, as you well know, was not quite meant to be a king in any capacity. He was not the eldest son, as David did have earlier marriages. Moreover, his mother was once Uriah’s wife- we all know that story. But God still saw his heart. He told David, that he would raise his offspring to be King, who would even build him a temple. God named him Jedidiah, meaning beloved of God. But David and Bathsheba named him Solomon.

Yes folks, God once again clearly shows us how he is not a respecter of any persons. The great wise man King Solomon was indeed born of a forbidden encounter. But his calling was declared even before his conception. That was his destiny! But decades later, Adonijah just felt like he was the one meant for it. And that’s something that we do all the time. Knowingly or unknowingly. Adonijah even goes ahead to request the hand of Abishag in marriage. (Quick insight: Abishag was a young girl who was brought to King David to be his attendant, and keep him warm. He, however, did not have any sexual relations with her) In those days, marriage to the king’s concubine gave someone an upper hand in taking over the throne. 2 Samuel 16:22, brings some light to this matter as Absalom took over King David’s throne for a short while. King Solomon knew exactly what Adonijah’s intentions were and had him executed. The sibling rivalry ended there, and his dynasty was now fully established and fully functional. (1 Kings 1:24-25)

I graduated about a week ago, and the difference between my peers and I is becoming clearer by the day. I think I could probably buy a plot of land if I could count the number of times that people have asked me, “What are you doing nowadays?” or “What is next in your life?” You ask me what I am doing and I will clearly tell you, I am still home studying the word and meditating on scripture like never before. Praying like crazy and trusting God. (Most difficult position btw) There are some things God is teaching me in this season, and I just can’t afford to miss out on the lessons I get every day. God knows I am doing my part, but I am fully trusting the process. People keep telling me not to overlook any opportunity. But I know what God has called me to do. That is why I will not even apply for some positions because I know it is completely out of God’s will.


But it’s simple… this whole idea of what’s coming next is very simple…

From one man he made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the earth; and he determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each of us…. That’s in the Bible friends, Acts 17:26-27.

How beautiful it is that God’s word is not a cliche for me anymore. When I say praise God, I actually mean it. When I say he is faithful, I have actually experienced it. It’s hard… super hard! But the lessons I am picking are life-changing. Keep away from that Adonijah spirit. Don’t be a destiny stealer. Stay in your line. What’s yours is yours and can never be anyone else’s. What belongs to someone else will always be theirs.

Keep smiling and be happy always!



With lots of love,



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