I’m a P.K.

Hallo, my name is Mumbua, but you can also call me Pastor’s kid, or Preacher’s kid. Whichever you fancy. Just go for it! For it is only recently that I accepted that my fate was sealed even before I was born. The calling upon the lives of my parents was miraculously transferred to me when I was conceived. I mean, unlike what the Bible says in Psalm 51:5, about everyone being sinful from the time their mothers conceived them, I was born a Pastor. I say this because, everyone everywhere just expects PKs to be the ultimate symbol of PERFECTION and HOLINESS. So, just to make it clear, PKs are born sinners, just like everyone else. We do not miraculously become saved through our parents, we have to find Christ ourselves.

You see, my parents both studied Theology; and my father even had the privilege of becoming a Dr. in that noble field. It’s just not any day that you decide to pursue a BA, then Masters, and then a Doctorate in the field. My friend, you just have to be CHOSEN for that. Specifically called in such a way that you cannot run away from what God wants to accomplish through you. I bet we all know what happened to Jonah.

But friends, this noble calling that I have seen manifest so strongly in my parents life has been transferred to me by birth. (Because that is what the world thinks). Oh how I would sing in Sunday School and read Bible verses from my memory.(Most of which I can’t even recite now). And those short plays about the birth of Our Lord Jesus and his death…. I just had to have a major role in them! Trust me, I had to be either Mary, or the Angel Gabriel during Christmas or Pontious Pilate during Easter. You have no room to judge me, I ain’t no sadist. And I would act it out even though I was a girl. Boys and men have just always been fewer in the church πŸ™ That is definitely a topic for another day. But friends, I made it. I was a ‘star’ in my childhood days.

But then, I always wondered, what was the meaning of it all? I mean, Sunday School, Church? What was it all about? I remember I was that kid who always stepped forward for the altar call. They would call out those who want to accept Jesus into their hearts, and I would go EVERY single time. Crazy, huh? I just never understood the meaning of salvation, the meaning of living for Christ and having a relationship with him. All I knew is that it was my ticket to heaven. Hell was and still is a horrible thought, and my tiny mind knew that if I didn’t accept Christ, then I would burn with the Devil.(That red creature with horns, a pointed tail and holding a trident- that was my understanding)

I heard a preaching by Jack Graham today, a great man of God and he simply mentioned,

Β  Β  Β  Β “People fall into temptation because they do not find fulfillment in Christ”.

Everything just made sense after that! I finally understood why I became rebellious at some point of my life. I finally understood why I even doubted God’s existence, for quite a long time. I just never experienced fulfillment and satisfaction in Christ as I am experiencing now. Yeah, I know how the world thinks that all PKs are just ratchet and do the opposite of what their parents preach. Oh, I know all that. And I am pleased to inform you that it’s the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. Because we just lack that personal fulfillment. We feel justified because of our parents and think that their salvation is ours as well. Of course not for all. I have seen PKs who have embraced that calling (trust me, it is a calling!) and ran with it till they have become preachers themselves. But it’s simply about one’s own heart.

PKs suffer a chronic case of Identity Crisis. You just never know who you are, for quite a long time. And unfortunately, the Devil knows this. That’s why he is attacking most Pastor’s families through their children. Do not even open your mouth in surprise when you hear that a Pastor’s child is a cult leader. It is no surprise at all, in fact, it should be expected. The Devil has waged war against the entire world, I mean he literally prowls around the world seeking whom he will devour (1 Peter 5:8). We are all vulnerable, moreso PKs. This is because the Devil knows that if he attacks a Pastor’s family, he is also attacking the Pastor’s congregation.

But Jesus is indeed faithful, he always finds a PK and reminds them that their identity is in Him (Christ). He reminds them, that they are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus. (Gal 3:26). That is just all kinds of beautiful if you ask me. You may think that only those who have been born by pastors are PKs. But you are also a PK! You know why? Coz Jesus himself spent his entire life ensuring that he shows and tells people about the Kingdom of God. Jesus sounds just like a pastor to me when he was roaming the earth in his human form. So, just embrace it, my friend. Being a PK, has been engraved into our spiritual DNA. I mean, who do you think the Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20 is for? Arise, salt and light of the world, because, it is just that time to take action. ARISE!!!


With Love,


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  1. I can relate with this post πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
    ‘Yeah, I know how the world thinks that all PKs are just ratchet and do the opposite of what their parents preach. Oh, I know all that. And I am pleased to inform you that it’s the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. ‘

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ am among those rebellious ones who become radical for Jesus.

    #ProudPK #PKforLife #WeAwesomelikeThat. Now let me tag every PK I know

    Nice Mumbua nice

    Special request – write a post on 20 things PKs all know to well

  2. Great insights Sarah.There is hope for the PK just as the world would describe them.But we believers, are all PKs because of Jesus Christ.
    I like,like……”That’s depth right there”.
    May God increase His inspiration in your heart.

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