To new beginnings!

Happy New Year everyone!

It is important for us to be so grateful for the year that has been even as we have crossed over to another new and beautiful one. God has been so faithful and I am extremely overwhelmed by this truth. What are you grateful for? What are you looking forward to in this new year? I would really love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. 🙂

I used to think that quotes such as ‘New Year, New me’, etc were so cliche. Most people make major changes in their lives only at the beginning of the year, and end up neglecting them as the year moves along. I could see this in my life as well. I always set goals and resolutions at the beginning of the year and never really honoured them when I reflected on my accomplishments and failures at the end of the year. With time, setting resolutions became insignificant and not worth doing since I felt that I would not keep or fulfill them anyway.

The past two years, however, have been a different script for me. I set resolutions at the beginning of 2017, as well as 2018 and reflected on them at the end of the respective years. One thing I could deduce is the fact that as much as I did not accomplish 100% of all I had written down, I had accomplished over 50% of my resolutions in each year. I think that is something to pat myself on the back for, considering it was never my forte.

2019 is here with us. It is a new beginning and a wonderful time to make some meaningful and positive changes in our lives. Genesis 1:14 says;

And God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the sky to separate the day from the night and let them serve as signs to mark seasons and days and YEARS…

You see, God in his perfect plan and design created the lights to mark different days, months, seasons as well as years. Waking up on the 1st of January or even staying awake all night to crossover to the new year may feel pretty normal especially if you are away from all the pomp and glamour surrounding this particular time. Yet, it is a very significant time in which everyone in the world is given a chance to start over. A new year does mean a new beginning, keeping in mind the fact that God in his infinite wisdom, created it and saw that it was good. I am reminded of a wonderful Bible verse that keeps me going every single day.

Every single morning is an opportunity for us to experience God’s tender mercies because of how good and faithful He is. Consequently, I believe, the new year comes with new and fresh opportunities for us to experience God’s amazing love and faithfulness. So if you have not set any goals or resolutions for the year, I encourage you to do so. You could even share them with a friend or loved one so that they could walk the journey with you as they keep you accountable. I believe it is the best way to keep you expectant and looking forward to the amazing year. That way, at the end of the year, you will be in a position to see just how much you have grown as well. 🙂

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a beautiful and amazing year ahead. May this year be full of extreme and unexpected blessings even as you grow so deep in the knowledge of your loving Father.



With Love,


4 responses to “To new beginnings!”

  1. This piece is really nice.
    Thanks Mumbua for sharing your experiences with us.
    I wish you the best in this year. May God give you the strength and courage to accomplish much.
    Baraka 🙂

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