god-googleIt is funny the number of times God has asked me to seek him. Sometimes it felt like he just never had the right answers and that I would figure it out in the long run. The world can lie to you, especially when you are single and craving for a relationship. I remember there was a time I was very much interested in a certain someone, LOL, (name withheld). And those are the desperate moments you find yourself typing into google questions like, ‘How will I get him to like me?’ ‘Does he really like me?’ Like seriously??? Looking back, I see how desperate I was. I literally typed in such words into google? (Someone slap me now, haha)

Of course, google will always have an ‘answer’ to what you type in. Even if your question doesn’t make sense, they will still have some sort of ‘answer’. Oh and it won’t just be in written form. When you click on the ‘images’, ‘videos’ and all the other search titles, you will get some sort of answer to whatever you had typed in. That fateful day, I did get my answer. It wasn’t just one, or two. There were a lot of results, that led me to what I believed was the way to go in winning the heart of my ‘significant other’ at the time. And so, I clicked on one of the results, and Oh my word, it actually led me to a quiz. If I can remember, the title of the quiz was, ‘Does he really like you?’

So there were a couple of questions for me to answer, like ‘Does he know your favourite colour?’ ‘Does he always complement you when he sees you?’ ‘What kind of guy do you like?’ and the questions went on and on. I answered them faithfully, one question after another. I gave the most candid answers I could. And so I came to the end of the questions. I felt like I had just come out of the exam room. I then clicked, ‘get results’, and waited with baited breath for the results. I had to give them my email so that they could send me a copy of the results. After some time, the results came in. If I remember correctly, it was a 70% chance that he actually did like me. I was disappointed, confused, hurt and happy at the same time. Disappointed because the results did not come the way I had wanted, but happy because I finally knew the ‘truth’.

Now this is where the juicy part starts, as they had my email,  they did not hesitate to send me tips on how to make him like me more. Oh, and of course how I would completely win his heart. Did I forget to mention that they actually told me how I should dress in order to impress him? That is when it hit me, this simply isn’t right! Here I am searching for all kinds of things on google, instead of searching for answers from him. I was busy reading all the emails I had received in regard to that matter, and not even focussing on what God wants for me. God then told me, that I am searching for the answers in all the wrong places and I should definitely focus on him. I immediately unsubscribed from the emails and began to ask God how should go about seeking him.

The portion I read this morning comes from Psalm 34:9-10;

“Fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear him lack nothing. The Lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.”

It’s clear that those who seek and fear the Lord lack no good thing. God showed me that all the answers come from him, not Google.


With love,



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